The Immigration Strategy

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Did you know?

One in four Hamiltonian was born outside of Canada. 

Newcomers are important to Hamilton for a variety of reasons, including their high levels of skills and education, contribution to the local economy, and enrichment of cultural life.

To continue thriving, Hamilton must be strategic about weaving newcomers into the fabric of our society and provide opportunities for all members in our community.

The HIPC Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020 presents a blue-print for Hamilton as a global community that defines itself economically, socially and culturally as embracing diversity and celebrating the rich contributions of newcomers.

Based on research, consultations and focus groups conducted with community partners, newcomers and other stakeholders, HIPC identified three strategic objectives for its activities in 2017-2020.

Newcomers are supported through strong community partnerships
Hamilton is a responsive, welcoming and inclusive community
HIPC is a leader in immigration research and knowledge sharing

HIPC’s implementation plan will bring the HIPC vision to life through priority projects and actions. HIPC will regularly evaluate its plan and priorities against emerging community needs and immigration trends in order to be responsive and flexible.

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