Newcomer Stories

Thank You #HamOnt

One year ago, Hamilton rose to the occasion and opened hearts and homes to Syrian newcomers. Watch how Hamiltonians from all corners of the city worked together to welcome and support newcomers.

A woman at a cash register

Saima dreamed of a good education for her children. To give her children more opportunities to succeed, Saima left her home in Pakistan and came to Canada in 2008.

Photo of Debora

Débora Jesus moved from Brazil to Canada and is now completing her masters at McMaster University. She loves how nature surrounds Hamilton, enjoys exploring James Street North, and hopes to settle in Hamilton.

Woman standing in front of a shelf of books

Nothing is impossible, be strong and work hard and do not hesitate to ask for help,” says Saba Al-Azzawi. Saba’s Hamilton story contains valuable tips for newcomers.

A man holding a clipboard in front of cages of animals

When I arrived here, I could not speak English at all,” says Naim. It seemed like a door had closed on him. But Naim wasn’t one to give up.