Business development specialist puts her heart into it

John Rennison , The Hamilton Spectator

Name: Catherine Udogie

Position: Business development analyst, software and process design in Hamilton

Job description: The job entails data collation, business and marketing development, financial analysis, bookkeeping, administrative tasks, business communication, research and writing.

How did you come to be in this job?

Conducting informational interviews was part of the Workplace Preparation Program at Mohawk College. An employment counsellor at Immigrants Working Centre set up my first informational interview with Theresa Horak of LoAllay, Inc. Theresa understood the challenges newcomers faced breaking into the Canadian workforce. She allowed me to shadow her at work, during which I did some brainstorming sessions with software and process design. She also invited me to networking sessions to start getting acquainted with the way networking is done in Canada. The actual position was created through training funding provided by the YMCA.

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Published on: Mar 23, 2018

2019-04-01 11:28