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Streetscape of downtown Hamilton
Photo credit: Tourism and Culture Division, City of Hamilton


HIPC Research Reports

The Hamilton Immigration and Partnership Council (HIPC) studies the needs of newcomers and researches on Hamilton’s demographics, labour market, economy, and settlement services.

Title Published  
Newcomers and Immigrants in the Hamilton Labour Market: Outcomes and Opportunities for Improvement June 2020 French
Newcomers and Immigrants in the Hamilton Labour Market: Outcomes and Opportunities for Improvement May 2020  English
Mapping Newcomer Services in Hamilton  April 2020 English
Finding a Place to Call Home  February 2020 English 
Migration and Mobility in Hamilton  August 2019 English 
Exploring Informal Settlement Services in Hamilton  April 2019 English 

A Demographic Profile of Immigrants in Hamilton

March 2019


Immigrant and Refugee Community Consultation Report

March 2016

Promising Practices For Innovation And Effective Governance Of Local Immigration Partnerships March 2016 English
Supporting Immigrants to Hamilton in an Evolving Immigration Environment March 2015 English
The Health Needs of Newcomers and Immigrants in Hamilton September 2013 English, français
Hiring Immigrants in Hamilton May 2013 English
Strengthening Newcomer Services: Final Report To The Community October 2012 English
Housing Needs of Newcomers Report 2012 English
Housing and Homelessness amongst Newcomers to Hamilton April 2011 English
Catholic Children's Aid Society: Making Anti-Oppressive Practice Visible in Child Welfare February 2011 English
Immigrants and the Labour Market in Hamilton January 2011 English
Immigrant and Refugee Health Needs and Service Provision in Hamilton August 2010 English
Results of Consultations in Hamilton March 2010 English
Newcomer Consultations in Hamilton (Summary Overview of Findings) March 2010 English
Hamilton's Informal Settlement Sector March 2010 English
Demographic Profile of Immigrants in Hamilton March 2010 English


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Local Immigration Research Database

HIPC has created a custom database featuring research projects, reports and publications focusing on immigration to Hamilton, newcomers and immigrants in Hamilton, or newcomer integration in Hamilton. Search by keyword to find sources of interest to you.

This inventory includes a comprehensive listing of graduate student theses and scholarly journal articles, as well as unpublished papers and reports of interest to the research community.

This inventory is a project of HIPC’s Research and Evaluation Committee. If you have items that you think should be added to this inventory, please email us at

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Storied displacement, stories faith: Engaging church-based activism in Canada with refugee fiction and diaspora studies
Graduate Thesis - PhD
Glanville, E.G. 2012
Strengthening newcomer services final report to the community
details full text
The Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton 2012
Telemedicine: Bridging the gap between refugee health and health services accessibility in Hamilton, Ontario
Journal Article Refuge
details full text
Sandre, A.R. 2016
The frequency of blood donation in Canada: An exploration of individual and contextual determinants
Graduate Thesis - Masters
Cimaroli, K. 2012
The migration, working, living and integration experiences of immigrant live-in caregivers in Ontario, Canada
Graduate Thesis - PhD
Atanackovic, J. 2014
Towards prosperity: A national and provincial perspective on the need to utilize immigrant skills
Organization / Institution
Hamilton Training Advisory Board 2004
Variations in sense of place across immigrant status and gender: Relationship to air quality perceptions amongst women in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Graduate Thesis - Masters
details more info (external)
Gallina, M. 2014
Welcoming Communities Task Force, Report and Recommendations
Organization / Institution
details full text
Mohawk College 2016
Winning strategies for immigrant entrepreneurship (WISE5) final project report
Organization / Institution
details full text
Workforce Planning Hamilton 2012
YWCA Hamilton bridging for internationally educated persons program evaluation
details full text
Ill, R. 2014