Local Immigration Research Database

HIPC has created a custom database featuring research projects, reports and publications focusing on immigration to Hamilton, newcomers and immigrants in Hamilton, or newcomer integration in Hamilton. Search by keyword to find sources of interest to you.

This inventory includes a comprehensive listing of graduate student theses and scholarly journal articles, as well as unpublished papers and reports of interest to the research community.

This inventory is a project of HIPC’s Research and Evaluation Committee. If you have items that you think should be added to this inventory, please email us at Immigration.Partnership@Hamilton.ca

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Access to health care: The experiences of refugee and refugee claimant women in Hamilton, Ontario
Journal Article Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies
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Newbold, K.B. 2013
Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Healthcare for Refugees and Claimants in Canada
Journal Article Canadian Journal of Public Health
Antonipillai, V. 2017
Barriers to care: The challenges for Canadian refugees and their health care providers
Journal Article Journal of Refugee Studies
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McKeary, M. 2010
Building a Profile of Health-Related Services: Hamilton's Immigrant and Refugee Communities
Organization / Institution
Newbold, K.B. 2008
Disabled people, medical inadmissibility, and the differential politics of immigration
Journal Article The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe canadien
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Wilton, R. 2017
Exploring the health and health care experiences of refugee and refugee claimant women in Hamilton, Ontario: A qualitative study
Graduate Thesis - Masters
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Cho, J. 2012
Impacts of the interim federal health program on healthcare access and provision for refugees and refugee claimants in Canada: A stakeholder analysis
Graduate Thesis - Masters
Antonipillai, V. 2015
Primary Health Care: Provider perspectives on their services for refugee & refugee claimant children
Journal Article Primary Health Care
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Wahoush, O. 2014
Providing specialty services to Hamilton’s refugee population through resident-run clinics at a dedicated site
Organization / Institution North American Refugee Health Conference
Mijovic, H. 2015
Reading Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation into the International Refugee Determination Regime: Is there Room for Advocacy?
Book Civil Society Engagement: Achieving Better in Canada, Edited by Patricia M. Daenzer
Taraky, H. 2018
Telemedicine: Bridging the gap between refugee health and health services accessibility in Hamilton, Ontario
Journal Article Refuge
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Sandre, A.R. 2016