Local Immigration Research Database

HIPC has created a custom database featuring research projects, reports and publications focusing on immigration to Hamilton, newcomers and immigrants in Hamilton, or newcomer integration in Hamilton. Search by keyword to find sources of interest to you.

This inventory includes a comprehensive listing of graduate student theses and scholarly journal articles, as well as unpublished papers and reports of interest to the research community.

This inventory is a project of HIPC’s Research and Evaluation Committee. If you have items that you think should be added to this inventory, please email us at Immigration.Partnership@Hamilton.ca

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Exploring the Links: Housing and Homelessness Amongst Newcomers to Hamilton, Ontario
Graduate Thesis - PhD
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Newbold, B. 2011
Hamilton Newcomer Services: A Guide to Finding Housing in Hamilton
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The Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton 2012
Home Tonight? What? Where? An Exploratory Study of the Meanings of House, Home and Family Among the Former Vietnamese Refugees in a Canadian City
Journal Article Forum: Qualitative Social Research/Sozialforschung
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Dam, H. 2012
Journeys to home and liminal spaces among former refugees: exploring identity and belonging among Vietnamese-Canadians
Journal Article Social Space
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Dam, H. 2012