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HIPC is a community table that seeks to create a seamless settlement experience for immigrants in Hamilton. With partners from various sectors – including settlement, education, business, health, social services, municipal affairs, and persons with lived immigration experience -- we work together to create a welcoming community with relevant and accessible services.

HIPC was established in 2009 as one of Canada’s first local immigration partnerships, a network that has now spread across the country and includes more than 75 similar local initiatives. We are housed within the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Division and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

HIPC’s location in Economic Development at the City of Hamilton speaks to the importance of immigration to our local economy, culture, and population growth. About two-thirds of population growth in Hamilton comes from immigration, over half of recent immigrants have a bachelor’s degree or higher and long-term immigrants are more likely to own a business with employees compared to the Canadian-born population. Immigrants admitted in all classes enjoy positive economic outcomes overall and become increasingly self-sufficient with more time spent in Canada.

A visual representation of HIPC's timeline that appears in the annual report


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Sarah Wayland

Senior Project Manager
Phone: (905) 546 2424 x7565

Mohammad Araf

Program Officer, Immigration
Phone: (905) 546-2424 x4359

Natasha Hernandez

Communications Associate
Phone: (905) 546-2424 x4882



HIPC’s ImmPress newsletter is the voice of HIPC. ImmPress is a community platform for sharing updates, and supporting one another’s activities, as we work towards making Hamilton a place for everyone to call home.

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HIPC Members

Anabelle Ragsag
Baptiste Alain Bourquardez
Cheryl Stepan
Claudio Ruiz-Pilarte
David Hennick
Denise Christopherson
Gerry Smith
Grace Baldwin
Grace Maciak
Jennifer Patterson
Kim Martin
Kojo Damptey
Larry Huibers
Leo Johnson
Lily Lumsden
Maria Holland
Morris Hucal
Nabila Sissaoui
Noura Afify
Olive Wahoush
Paul Szachlewicz
Paul Takala
Rami Safi
Rashed Afif
Stephanie Taylor
Tanya Tulus
Terri Bedminster
Yudara Bernard Weerakoon