Katy Bennett is the principal of Foundations Montessori School in Ancaster. - Scott Gardner , The Hamilton Spectator

Name: Katy Bennett

Position: Principal and Montessori teacher at Foundations Montessori School.

Job description:

Together with a team of passionate educators, I run Foundations Montessori School. We are a bilingual, elementary Montessori school that specializes in the arts. The Foundations team consists of highly-dedicated French, music, dance and art teachers. The staff, children and their families are like family to me. We are a community that is growing together.

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Published: Feb 12, 2018

Catherine Udogie - John Rennison , The Hamilton Spectator

Name: Catherine Udogie

Position: Business development analyst, software and process design in Hamilton

Job description: The job entails data collation, business and marketing development, financial analysis, bookkeeping, administrative tasks, business communication, research and writing.

How did you come to be in this job?

Conducting informational interviews was part of the Workplace Preparation Program at Mohawk College. An employment counsellor at Immigrants Working Centre set up my first informational interview with Theresa Horak of LoAllay, Inc. Theresa understood the challenges newcomers faced breaking into the Canadian workforce. She allowed me to shadow her at work, during which I did some brainstorming sessions with software and process design. She also invited me to networking sessions to start getting acquainted with the way networking is done in Canada. The actual position was created through training funding provided by the YMCA.

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Published on: Mar 23, 2018

Nam Ngo, 32, is the co-owner and operator of NV Auto, where he's shown in front of a 1953 Chevy undergoing restoration work. - Gary Yokoyama,The Hamilton Spectator

Name: Nam Ngo

Age: 32

Position: Co-owner and operator of NV Auto

Job description: I manage the automotive service side of my business, performing a lot of the servicing and repairs, and building race cars.

How did you come to be in this job?

After working several years for an automotive dealership and a performance racing shop, I opened my own business seven years ago. I hired an office manager (now my business partner) to care for the customers while I focused on the actual repairs. As the business grew, we hired three more staff: a technician, an office manager, and then a senior technician who had actually taught me when I was an apprentice. We now have five full-time employees, and I am hoping to hire two more in the new year.

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Published: Jan 22, 2018


Elshadai Erbeto is the owner/operator of Elshadai Salon, 540 Concession St. - Barry Gray,The Hamilton Spectator

Name: Elshadai Erbeto

Age: 38

Position: Owner of Elshadai Salon, 540 Concession St.

Job description: I am a multinational and international award-winning stylist and colour specialist. I offer a variety of hairstyling services, such as haircuts, colour, extensions, special occasion updos and makeup.

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Published: Oct 22, 2017

Mukudzei Dube with his hot sauces in Lococo's Grocery Store on Barton Street East near Nash. - Cathie Coward,The Hamilton Spectator

Name: Mukudzei Dube

Age: 38

Position: Co-founder, Natal Foods Inc. We produce gourmet hot sauces in three flavours, each made with farm-fresh ingredients, no preservatives and no vinegar.

Job description: I ensure the smooth running of the company. I am responsible for the whole production cycle, from sourcing the ingredients to production, sales, distribution and marketing.

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Sep 25, 2017


Dilek Duman, 36, is co-founder of Dyer & Duman Design in Hamilton. - Scott Gardner,The Hamilton Spectator

Name: Dilek Duman

Age: 36

Position: Co-founder/co-owner, Dyer & Duman Design

Job description: Graphic designer, specifically working on brand creation and management for new and established businesses looking to have a new visual strategy/language. I build the visuals that allow our team to create the project's final deliverables like websites, social media graphics, corporate stationery, etc.

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Sep 04, 2017

Kaelyn Koepke visits with her neighbours, Haled Al Khalil and Fatema Al Naser, in Hamilton earlier this year. Koepke put together a group to sponsor the Al Khalil's son to come to Canada too. The city is launching a social media campaign, #hamiltonforall,

CBC Hamilton. 
August 17, 2017

In an era of racial tensions and tiki torch-carrying white nationalists, a local immigration council hopes a new social media campaign will encourage Hamiltonians to be even more immigrant friendly.

The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council and the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion are launching a campaign called #HamiltonForAll, which is an effort to get Hamiltonians trying harder to welcome newcomers.

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Rana Aldibs is a health and wellness co-ordinator for the YWCA

Hamilton Spectator. 
July 24, 2017

Name: Rana Aldibs

Position: Health and wellness co-ordinator, YWCA

Job description: Through the health and wellness programs that I deliver, I work to inspire women to believe in themselves. My goal is to build confidence and self-esteem, build a world where women have tools and support to make their dreams come true with a particular focus on newcomer women. 

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Francisco Ortiz, 38, is a logistic and events technician at Soundbox Productions

Hamilton Spectator. 
June 26, 2017

Name: Francisco Ortiz

Age: 38

Position: Logistic and events technician at Soundbox Productions.

Job description:

My role at the company is to assist in the preparation of the audio, lighting and video equipment for all kinds of events.

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The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council celebrated Canada 150 with a booth called "The Canadian Multicultural Exchange Station" at Bayfront Park. - Kobby Crabbe,Courtesy of HIPC

Hamilton Spectator. 
July 12, 2017

More than 300 Hamiltonians placed pins on a giant world map to showcase their roots as part of a broader community initiative to celebrate diversity.

The exercise, which saw people mark where they're from and connect their heritage to Hamilton with a string, was part of a prelaunch for a new campaign to address negative stereotypes and misconceptions around newcomers.

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