Kaelyn Koepke visits with her neighbours, Haled Al Khalil and Fatema Al Naser, in Hamilton earlier this year. Koepke put together a group to sponsor the Al Khalil's son to come to Canada too. The city is launching a social media campaign, #hamiltonforall,

CBC Hamilton. 
August 17, 2017

In an era of racial tensions and tiki torch-carrying white nationalists, a local immigration council hopes a new social media campaign will encourage Hamiltonians to be even more immigrant friendly.

The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council and the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion are launching a campaign called #HamiltonForAll, which is an effort to get Hamiltonians trying harder to welcome newcomers.

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Rana Aldibs is a health and wellness co-ordinator for the YWCA

Hamilton Spectator. 
July 24, 2017

Name: Rana Aldibs

Position: Health and wellness co-ordinator, YWCA

Job description: Through the health and wellness programs that I deliver, I work to inspire women to believe in themselves. My goal is to build confidence and self-esteem, build a world where women have tools and support to make their dreams come true with a particular focus on newcomer women. 

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Francisco Ortiz, 38, is a logistic and events technician at Soundbox Productions

Hamilton Spectator. 
June 26, 2017

Name: Francisco Ortiz

Age: 38

Position: Logistic and events technician at Soundbox Productions.

Job description:

My role at the company is to assist in the preparation of the audio, lighting and video equipment for all kinds of events.

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The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council celebrated Canada 150 with a booth called "The Canadian Multicultural Exchange Station" at Bayfront Park. - Kobby Crabbe,Courtesy of HIPC

Hamilton Spectator. 
July 12, 2017

More than 300 Hamiltonians placed pins on a giant world map to showcase their roots as part of a broader community initiative to celebrate diversity.

The exercise, which saw people mark where they're from and connect their heritage to Hamilton with a string, was part of a prelaunch for a new campaign to address negative stereotypes and misconceptions around newcomers.

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Participants place pins on a map to mark their heritage at the Canada Day festivities in Hamilton. (Kelly Bennett/CBC)

CBC Hamilton. 
July 06, 2017

Where in the world do Hamiltonians have heritage roots?

A large map at Hamilton's Canada Day festivities drew a steady line of more that 300 people to place a pin to mark their family's heritage.

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Kamel Mahfoudia

Hamilton Spectator. 
May 08, 2017

Name: Kamel Mahfoudia

Age: 45

Position: Proprietor, French Confection

Job description: I am the founder and owner of a new patisserie (French pastry shop) called French Confection, located at 1 Wilson St. (at James Street North).

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Syrian children

Hamilton Spectator. 
April 20, 2017

A local body formed by the federal government to lead newcomer integration has devised a plan to make Hamilton more welcoming for immigrants and refugees.

The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC), mandated to co-ordinate settlement agencies, has an ambitious strategy that by 2020 includes:

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Marchese Health Care

Hamilton Spectator. 
March 04, 2016

Tatjana Sunjic was pursuing a career as a pharmacist in Bosnia, but had to flee because of the conflict.

Arriving in Hamilton in June of 1995, she began working as a pharmacy assistant at Marchese Health Care and soon became one of the first in Ontario to be licensed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP).

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Hamilton Spectator. 
February 11, 2017

Born in Amsterdam and immigrating to Canada with my family as an eight-year-old, speaking not a word of English, I understand the newcomer experience. As an immigrant family in the 1960s, I grew up in social housing and poverty in the McQuesten neighbourhood of Hamilton.

Recent events have led some to question the value of immigration. Others have openly speculated as to why we have welcomed refugees to our country and our community.

Canada is a country of immigrants, of newcomers. They contribute immeasurably to the rich diversity which makes this country the envy of the world; bilingual, multicultural and a safe haven for refugees and newcomers from around the globe.

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Hamilton Spectator. 
December 13, 2016

When Mandeep, a quality assurance professional, first came to Canada, she found that she needed to take courses to upgrade her skills before she could work in her field. Keen to gain work experience in Canada, she started work on the production floor of Canada Bread in Hamilton. In the meantime, she took courses that would allow her to work in quality assurance again.

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