If you are a newcomer in Hamilton and are looking for supports, these organizations offer a range of services to help you settle in your new home. The list below includes brief information about organizations that offer newcomer-focused services in the city. Please contact them directly for information about specific programs and services. 

Êtes-vous à la recherche de services en français ? Cliquez ici pour trouver ce que vous cherchez : http://destinationhamilton-ontario.ca/decouvrir-la-vie-en-francais/

Settlement supports – employment services – English language classes – financial support during COVID-19

Who: Permanent residents, convention refugees/protected persons, refugee claimants (some services)

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

8 Main St. E. Unit 101, Hamilton, 905-529-5209
182 Rebecca St. Hamilton, 905-525-9676
1119 Fennell Ave. E. St. #234 & #236 Hamilton, 905-387-1100
160 Centennial Parkway N. Unit 7, Hamilton, 905-662-9160

Website: http://iwchamilton.ca/

Resettlement and settlement supports – temporary accommodation – needs assessment and referrals – information and orientation services – community connections

Who: Government Assisted Refugees

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

467 Main St East
Hamilton, ON L8N 1K1, 905-528-5629 x 301

Website: http://www.wesley.ca/

Information and orientation – needs asset assessment & referral services – Bridge to Work Program in Childcare Industry – language assessment and referrals – school-based settlement support – professional mentorship matches – youth mentorship matches – Canada Connects social media matches – library-based English Conversation Groups – Newcomer Youth Centres – International Student Connect services
Language assessment at YMCA is the starting point for anyone wishing to access language classes.

Who: Permanent residents and convention refugees (eligible for all services), refugee claimants, naturalized Canadian citizens, international students and temporary foreign workers (eligible for some services)

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

25 Main Street West, Suite 105, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1H1, 905-526-8452
211 Centennial Parkway North, Unit #1, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 1H8, 905-662-9400

Website: https://www.ymcahbb.ca

Employment counselling – networking – needs assessment and referrals – information – recreation – mentorship – community connections – 2SLGBTQIA+ youth support – supports for immigrant women – gender-based violence – educational, experiential and art-based workshops

Who: Permanent residents, protected person/convention refugee, a live-in caregiver with an approved work permit (Must identify as a woman, girl, 2SLGBTQIA+ youth or non-binary)

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 3C1, 905-522-9922, 365-324-0249 and 905-522-9922 ext. 335

Website: https://www.ywcahamilton.org/join/

Information and referrals for Francophone newcomers – housing help supports – job search – education and training

Who: Francophone newcomers

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

1320 Barton Est, Hamilton, ON, L8H 2W1, 905-528-0163 and 1-866-437-7606

Website: http://www.cschn.ca/

Primary care and community health programs – consumption and treatment services – cultural interpretation – immigrant and refugee support services – oral health care and chiropody – needle exchange – advocacy/information sessions – ID clinic – health card kiosk – parenting program – anger management program – arts and crafts – diabetes awareness program – homework club – counselling

Who: Open to all persons

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

Admin:  430 Cannon Street East , Hamilton, Ontario L8L 2C8 181 

CTS: 70 James St. S, Hamilton, ON L8P 2Y8

Email: connections@hucchc.com

Website: http://www.hucchc.com/

Primary care – specialty services – mental health counselling – transition services – interpretation

Who: Open to newcomers to Canada (less than 5 years)

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

183 Hughson St., Lower Level, Hamilton, ON L8N 2B6, 905-526-000

Website: https://www.newcomerhealth.ca/

Primary care – health-related resources – mental health counselling – recreation – education supports – interpretation

Who: Open to all persons

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

438 Hughson St. North, Hamilton, ON L8L 4N5, 905-523-6611 ext 2000

Website: https://compassch.org/

Bilingual employment services – French and English language training (free child-minding for some language programs) – bridging programs for internationally trained Francophone professionals – academic upgrading – pre-apprenticeship

Who: Permanent residents, convention refugees/protected persons, citizens (some services), refugee claimants (some services)

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

120 King Street West, Plaza Level, Hamilton, ON  L8P 4V2, 905-544-9824

Website: https://www.collegeboreal.ca/en/our-campus/our-locations/access-centres-hamilton

English language classes – support to transition to postsecondary education – workplace preparation – mentorship opportunities – bridging programs

Who: Permanent residents, convention refugees/protected persons

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

J-Wing, 135 Fennell Avenue West, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 1E5, 905-575-2421

Website: http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/newcomers

English Conversation Circles online – online tutoring – seniors’ online classes

Who: All newcomers with proof of permanent residency or convention refugee/protected person status

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

Various locations and virtually during COVID-19. To register, email nlc@hpl.ca.

Website: https://www.hpl.ca/

Mentorship – access to postsecondary education – professional skills development– entrepreneurship supports – sports and recreation

Who: Open to all newcomers and racialized individuals

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

162 King William Street, Suite 103, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 3N9, 905-393-5370

Website: https://empowermentsquared.org/

English language classes – information and referrals

Who: Permanent resident, convention refugees/protected persons

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

155 Queen St. N   Hamilton, ON  L8R 2V6, 905-531-6040

Website: https://www.circleoffriends.ca/

Information and orientation – connections to community – support internationally educated nurses throughout the process of becoming a registered nurse in Canada

Who: Pre-arrival applicants with any immigration document containing Unique Client Identification (UCI) number, Permanent Residents, Citizens, Caregivers (who have applied for Permanent Residency)

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

182 Rebecca St, Hamilton, ON L8P 2Z2, 905-521-1777 ext. 302

Website: https://care4nurses.org/

Temporary accommodation – settlement counselling – information and referrals – connections to community

Who: Refugee claimants

Addresses and Phone Numbers:

205 Holton Ave South, Hamilton, ON L8M 2B8, 905-296-4387

Website: https://www.micahhouse.ca/

Temporary accommodation – settlement counselling – information and referrals – connections to community

Who: Refugee claimants

Addresses and Phone Numbers:


Website: https://www.iafr.ca/open-homes-hamilton.html