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Collective Impact

As a collaborative community table, HIPC is in a unique position to focus on the collective impact of efforts to improve local settlement outcomes. To this end, in 2019 a small team of HIPC members began working with advisors funded by the McConnell Foundation’s Innoweave Initiative for Newcomers. Meeting regularly for more than a year, we drafted a new strategic plan (theory of change) to shape our focus until 2025.

It is hoped that HIPC partners can see how their own work and that of their organizations can move our community towards these outcomes.

HIPC’s impact statement is two-fold, focusing on creating successful settlement experiences and sense of belong for newcomers.

HIPC has adopted three operational principles to guide our work:

  1. The basic needs of newcomers are foundational to achieving newcomer settlement and sense of belonging. HIPC’s work will connect influencers and resources in our community to improve equitable access to, for example, affordable housing, food, employment, and healthcare.
  2. Supporting and advocating for positive outcomes for newcomers in our community must include leadership from those who have been newcomers to Canada themselves. Lived experience and community networks are essential.
  3. HIPC commits to taking practical positive actions that are informed and evaluated by an anti-racism anti-oppression (ARAO) approach.  ARAO principles should be embedded in all HIPC work.
An image showing HIPC's logical model

Governance Overview

HIPC is a multi-layered community partnership initiative comprised of a Council lead by a Chair and Vice Chair, four Committees each lead by a Chair or Co-Chairs, ad hoc Working Groups, and a Secretariat of three staff. The City of Hamilton holds the contract for funding from the Government of Canada.

Three committees oversee and engage in work focused on three strategic priority areas

  • Economic Stability – enhancing the ability of newcomers to acquire skills, find appropriate employment, and build assets

  • Social Inclusion – readying Hamilton to be a welcoming community that values newcomer voices and contributions
  • Community Engagement – building capacity among newcomers to navigate our city, access services, and participate as equal members of society

In addition, an Evaluation Committee oversees the implementation of HIPC’s evaluation framework and is a point of contact for any research projects.

For more information about joining a committee or the partnership council, please contact HIPC staff.

Current Projects

A graphic showing some current projects in four different focus areas

Annual Reports

Cover of annual report

HIPC Annual Report 2021-2022

"Over the past year, we saw ongoing challenges with the global pandemic and health inequities plus some new ones such asemerging refugee crises, first in Afghanistan and now in Ukraine. During these uncertain times, HIPC has continued to advocate forthe basic needs of newcomers and to identify new ways we can bring service providers, community members, newcomers andothers together around common goals.

One year into our new strategic plan, I am especially proud of HIPC’s COVID-19 response and engagement and the creation of theHamilton Afghan Resettlement Taskforce. Much other important work is shown in this report. Each project is aligned with ourcollective strategic goal of seeing newcomers to Hamilton have successful settlement experiences and feel a sense of belonging."

The first page of the PDF version of the report

HIPC Annual Report 2020-2021

"The past year has been a challenging one for many of us. By the beginning of our fiscal year on April 1, 2020, we knew things were going to be different, including the uncertainty of the pandemic and the transition to working exclusively online and from home. At the same time, HIPC itself was on solid footing: we had received a five-year grant from the federal government, the longest term of funding in our history. Our opportunities to engage with the public and to host events had declined, but we were able to engage in longer-term planning, and to focus on foundational and strategic pieces, including the launch of a strategic plan and the formation of our new council."

This report was originally released in on our website, here.

Cover page of the Annual Report

HIPC Annual Report 2019-2020

"HIPC has experienced another busy and productive year, and I have been privileged to witness this work up close, including some exciting collective impact discussions that will shape HIPC’s direction in the coming five years. I was particularly pleased by the launch of HIPC Employment and Language Task Force late in 2019 and look forward to seeing the fruit it bears for newcomers in the labour market."

Cover page of the Annual Report

HIPC Annual Report 2018-2019

The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council continues to be a beacon in our city and beyond for promoting a safe and welcoming community. As HIPC reaches the end of its first decade, it is safe to say that the newcomer experience has been strongly shaped by the connections, activities and impact of this initiative. We have seen vast changes in our local service landscape over this time, and HIPC has been a constant in convening community partners and promoting immigration in our city.